Ni No Kuni: December 11, 2011

Dec 11 2011

I was busy this weekend, and I felt like spending my free time reading and playing music, so: no Ni No Kuni. Fortunately, I’d played a bit mid-week, so I have a little bit to report, but not much.

Specifically, at the end of last week, I’d just talked to a girl in the first world. I went and talked to her father next, who had gotten possessed somehow; I first fought the monster that was possessing him (the only battle I’ve done in the first world) and then, with the help of his wife, gave him a “kindness” heart piece.

After that, I went back to the girl, and gave her a “courage” heart piece. She’d been staying in the house, but I guess there was nothing physical wrong with her, just something mental wrong with both her and her father? At any rate, with that healed, I went back to the second world, and gave the girl there a courage heart piece as well. She got better, and decided to join my party (together with her Imagine). Her name is Maru, and she’s a healer.

Her father taught us some spells, and told us to go to a volcano. I wandered around town a bit, helping people, but then headed out of town to the volcano, saving right outside it.

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  1. im stuck on a spell her father is telling me to do. since I dont read japanese i dont know which he wants me to do.

  2. I don’t remember for sure which ones he asked for, but the most recent ones in my spell book are 解毒 (spell #4, cures poison); 見えざる道 (spell #28, makes invisible paths appear); スピリトーク (spell #29, spirit talk); 氷結 (spell #43, an ice attack); 衝撃は (spell #42, violent wave attack); 聖なる矢 (spell #44, magic arrow attack). So give those a try?

  3. thanks for the help it was the light arrow, ice and shock. have u finished the game?

  4. Great, glad you made it past that! And no, I’m still at the same place, I didn’t have any time to play last week…

  5. […] went through the volcano dungeon that I’d arrived at last time. Right before the top, there was a training grotto (“cave of trials”); it had a few […]