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VGHVI Minecraft: October 26, 2017

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At the start of the October Minecraft session I took pictures of what Miranda and Pat had been working on in September, because I ran out of time for pictures that month.

Miranda had built a cute little house in the middle of a forest:

The door to the house, with a helpful purple sign

Inside the house

Closer view of the work / sitting area

The sleeping nook

Some storage

Without that purple arrow it actually really would be hard to see


And Pat was finishing off his Roman villa:

The courtyard of the villa

One of the side halls

The dining room, with a window on the outside

The other side of the dining room faces the courtyard

A purple bedroom

A red bedroom

Another hallway


After that, I went back to my construction project. I’d built a path partway down the wall, and I knew I wanted it to end up at the cave at the bottom, but I hadn’t yet figured out the details: should I try to go straight down, should I build a walkway around the side, or what? Here are some pictures of the situation:

The top of the wall, where I’d already built the path

The middle section, with a tree and the top of the waterfall

The bottom: this whole wall is pretty tall!


After wandering around a bit, I realized that there was actually space for a natural path between the waterfall and the tree; that worked much better than trying to hug the wall on the other side of the tree. So I could continue my existing path to a stone landing, then go down next to the waterfall, and then I’d reach a second landing, this one of grass. That wouldn’t get me all the way down to the cave, but it seemed like a good next step.

A potential path next to the top half of the waterfall

The bottom view of that path

Extending the stairs down to the landing, and clearing it out

Safety is important

People are going to want to rest, let’s add in some furniture?

A table with a flower

Here’s what the waterfall looks like after the stone landing has had its initial finishing

The landing at the bottom is definitely going to need some work

Putting in the stairs

Evening out the landing


Both landings could still use some work; the grass one in particular is too plain, I think I leveled it out too much. The basic structure looks right, though, so I needed to figure out next how to get from the grass landing all the way to the bottom of the cave. And, actually, it turns out that I could use the same trick: there’s room for another path down on the other side of the water.

Here’s where the second path will go

Looking down into the cave after building the stairs

The place where the stairs meet the pool is a little rough, I’ll want to improve that

Looks nicer after I filled in that indentation with grass

I’m really happy how that path worked out: now there’s a path all the way from the building on top of the cliff down to the cave at the bottom, it makes sense in context, and I left the scenery almost entirely alone while doing that.

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do next; I might work on the grass landing a bit, I might work on the cave interior, or I might jump straight to building a train station to connect it to the spawn point? Dunno.


While I was doing that, of course, Miranda and Pat were at work. Here’s what Miranda was building:

A big glass window on a wall

I guess there’s a villager inside??

Looking through a window next to a tree

Inside the building

I have no idea if this is the same area or somewhere different that I just thought looked scenic

To be honest, I can’t remember how those pictures fit together: are they all the same area, are they two areas, or three areas?


And Pat had added another building onto his floating city:

Looking through the brown middle floor of the new building to the Roman villa

There’s a grass roof on top

The bottom floor is a featureless grey

Here’s a corner view

Inside the bottom floor

A bed on the other side of the floor

A closer view of the basin

There’s a swimming pool outside

Water flows down through a hole in the pool

The other side of the building

A bottom view


Shadows of the buildings on the water


That waterfall was the first thing connecting the floating islands to the ground, so Miranda decided she’d try to swim up it:

Partway up the climb

Breaking through the cloud layer

The end is in sight!

She made it! Or did she?

It turned out, though, that the hole there wasn’t big enough to swim through! Whoops; though that’s probably better from the point of view of the safety of the people using the pool…

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