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VGHVI Minecraft: May 25, 2017

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Pictures from the May Minecraft session:

First, the obligatory wandering around and glitch pictures:

The sky at sunrise

Lots of octopi waiting for the water to fill in

A pig is taking a swim

A loading glitch at the side of a mountain

Another loading glitch

I don’t think this is a loading glitch, I think this is a result of algorithm changes between when the segments were generated

A hole in the snow

Nighttime view of the roller coaster tower

Nighttime view of the megatree

A glass door in a hillside

Mountains in the distance across a field

An evening view next to a lava pool in that field


I decided that I wanted to start building something; I didn’t want to build completely from scratch, though, I wanted to find something in the environment that a structure would fit naturally into. And eventually I found a mountain with an oddly flat top, I thought a fort might fit well on top.

Thinking of putting a building on top of this

A rock/water/lava combo when exploring the ravine under the mountain

A top view that gives an entirely misleading notion of the height

You can see the height difference (including the hole in the middle) much better from this angle

Starting to place the outside wall

Looking through one of the windows at sunset

One version of window placement at an inside corner

Another version of window placement

The view to the outside, not sure which direction this is in

The view down the middle

Another outside view; I think this is towards the back?

The outside wall is in place

Looks way too bland from the outside, though

Seeing what it would look like with stone bricks instead

Experimenting with something different in the corner

I still need to figure out what to do with the corner, and then do the same to the rest of the wall. More of a problem is that I actually don’t know yet what I want to do with the walls in the other two directions: I don’t know how to handle the wall next to the central hole, or even whether I want there, and also how I want to handle the transition from the stone area of the top to the grass / tree area of the top. So I’ll try to figure that out next time. (And I hope I can find the location again! Maybe I should build a train there from the spawn point?)


Finally, some pictures from Pat’s latest addition to his floating city:

The ground floor of the building

Bookshelves and chair on the second floor

A bed on the other side of the room

There are books on both sides of the bookshelves, with an access passage between it and the wall

Stay away from the attic!

An outside view

Another outside view

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