Industrial Genomics: version 0

Apr 23 2015

I’d seen an Industrial Genomics deck in a tournament a few months ago, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I’d been tentatively thinking I’d give it a try for my next corp deck; and then I heard Jorge talking on Twitter about his deck (here’s a thread between him and Nels), so that sealed the deal. He also referred to this deck as inspiration; I took a look at that one, though I didn’t follow it at all closely.

Here’s the initial version that I built:

Industrial Genomics (59 cards)

Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions

Agenda (10)

  • 3 Fetal AI
  • 1 Hades Fragment
  • 2 NAPD Contract
  • 1 Philotic Entanglement
  • 3 The Future Perfect

Asset (27)

  • 1 Cerebral Overwriter **
  • 2 Encryption Protocol * *
  • 2 Hostile Infrastructure
  • 3 Jackson Howard * * *
  • 3 PAD Campaign
  • 2 Ronin
  • 3 Shi.Kyu
  • 3 Shock!
  • 3 Snare!
  • 3 Sundew
  • 2 Turtlebacks

Upgrade (10)

  • 2 Ash 2X3ZB9CY ** **
  • 3 Caprice Nisei
  • 1 Cyberdex Virus Suite
  • 2 Hokusai Grid
  • 2 Red Herrings ** **

Operation (5)

  • 2 Hedge Fund
  • 1 Interns
  • 1 Restructure
  • 1 Subliminal Messaging

Barrier (1)

  • 1 Wall of Thorns

Code Gate (2)

  • 1 Lotus Field
  • 1 Shiro

Sentry (2)

  • 1 Gemini
  • 1 Komainu

ICE (2)

  • 1 Excalibur
  • 1 Kitsune

59 cards: like I said, I’m really bad at thinning out decks. Actually, the main thing I took out of that net deck that I looked at was that 54 cards might make sense, given the amount of discarding you want to do with this identity; and starting a deck five cards high while you figure out what cards work in context and what cards don’t work in context is not completely unreasonable? Still, that’s a lot of cards.

Some things that I was thinking about while building this:

  • Ash, Caprice, and Red Herrings are there to create a scoring server with minimal or even no ice. (But if there’s no ice I have to remember to rez Caprice before the run.)
  • Shock, Shi.Kyu, and Cyberdex Virus Suite are there to dissuade runs on Archives. (One of my coworkers is currently playing a very virus-heavy deck.)
  • Cerebral Overwriter and Ronin are there to increase the range of meanings of a double-advanced card. (Potentially even outside of my scoring server?)
  • Hostile Infrastructure and Encryption Protocol both amplify the identity’s ability. (Which could either be good or overconcentration!)
  • Given that trashing assets will be expensive, I figure I should put more of my economy in assets than normal. (And maybe I can use Subliminal Messaging as an early discard and then, if I can make running unpleasant enough, get some credits off of it later?)
  • I have absolutely no idea how much ice I need or what ice would be useful; the ice here is a particularly random selection.
  • Snare is always one of my favorites, and I figure a Snare that also costs money to trash is even better. (And maybe I can keep one in my hand, trigger it with Kitsune, and then hit the runner with Ronin before they draw back up?)

So that’s the initial version. I’m almost positive the ice is awful, and presumably some of the other ideas don’t work either, we’ll see how it behaves in initial playtesting.

By the way, these days when building a deck I usually throw in way too many cards, and then I write down how many I have of which categories, look at categories that are overweighted, and remove. Here’s what my final tally was for this deck:

  • Agenda: 10
  • Ice: 7
  • Other run protection (Hokusai): 2
  • Advanceable trap: 3
  • Archives traps: 6
  • Nonadvanceable traps: 3
  • Trash protection: 4
  • Money: 8 + 4 = 12
  • Agenda protection: 7
  • Recursion: 3 + 1 = 4
  • Misc: Cyberdex: 1

(Hmm, maybe I should have labeled Cyberdex as an Archives trap.)


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