Tai Chi Notes, January 29, 2019

Jan 29 2019

I was in India on a business trip last week, hence the lack of notes here. And it meant that I missed a Saturday class and a Tuesday class, though I did make the Saturday class on the day I got back, at least.

I didn’t practice Tai Chi much while I was there: the air pollution meant that I didn’t want to spend much time outside. Though there was one day where rain had cleared out the air, so I went through the form a few times that way; it was drizzling then and I was practicing on fairly smooth stone, so it was kind of an interesting test of my stability and of the concept of walking on thin ice. Also, I felt slightly uprooted that time, and with slightly hunched shoulders; I don’t think I was doing anything more wrong than normal, I’m probably just getting more sensitive…

I was hoping to do some Qigong and Silk Reeling practice in my hotel room that week, but I didn’t do either nearly as much as I’d have liked; I was feeling surprisingly off that week, alas.

This Saturday, we spent a while on Push Hands; I should probably start doing that more, maybe on Tuesdays after the form? One or two of the other students expressed a similar sentiment, so we’ll see. And fortunately I didn’t seem too far behind on either spear or Xinjia practice, despite the missed week.

The main thing I noticed in the Tuesday class was that I’m not standing quite straight in Grab and Tuck Robe after extending my right foot.


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