Pro Guitar Status, May 28, 2011

May 29 2011

I finished a bunch of songs last weekend, but with Liesl’s father in town, I didn’t expect to make much Pro Guitar progress this weekend. But actually it’s been surprisingly productive: I went through three songs while Liesl was picking him up from the airport, and another nine songs today.

That brought me through the end of Nightmare, and through the first four songs of Impossible. So only 8 songs left on Medium; I should definitely finish it up next weekend, and I might even start the next round of training! Which makes me happy, both because I’m really looking forward to Hard, and because Medium is getting to be a bit boring. Not always—some of the songs are helping me get more fluent at moving between chords (and teaching me how much work I have ahead of me before I get good at barre chords)—but, at this difficulty level, many of the songs are about the solos. Which I don’t really enjoy: I don’t particularly enjoy playing high up on the neck of the guitar, and there are also so many notes missing in the solos on Medium that you don’t really feel like you’re doing much.

I also hit 5 million career score for Pro Guitar, which is a nice milestone. And, bizarrely, I was in the top 2% on Bohemian Rhapsody; I didn’t do a spectacular job or anything, so my only hypothesis is that not many people must be making it through the Impossible songs on Medium yet. Or maybe that song is so boring on guitar (so much waiting around!) that not many people even bother to try it…

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