VGHVI Minecraft: May 24, 2012

Jun 02 2012

Not many pictures this month: people either weren’t doing much building or weren’t telling me about it. First, a couple of shots of older scenes:

A deep cave with a waterfall going down into it

Looking down from the mossy tower

Dogs inside a house

Speaking of animals, Jonathan was spawning cats and kittens, here are some pictures:

Cat by a tree

Jonathan with cats

Cat and kitten in snow

Miranda and I decided to return to the cave that we dug out in the very first VGHVI Minecraft session back a year and a half ago. First, a picture from the door to the cave:

Moon through cave entrance

I dug out an alcove on one side, with a magic library in it:

Working on a library

Putting an alcove in the back

And Miranda built a somewhat more elaborate set of rooms on the other side:

Rooms with hearth

Sleeping alcove

You can tell that we both like libraries

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  1. Kitties!

  2. They are adorable kitties!