VGHVI Minecraft: September 24, 2020

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Not many pictures this time: nobody did significant building. So just a few shots of me thinking about what to do next.


A picture of the lighthouse behind my mountain at night.

A view from the lighthouse towards the mountain: you can see lights from the cave with the dock and from the building on top of the mountain.

If you move in closer, you can see the building on top better, and also the castle with flowers that Dan built on the next mountain over.

Here I’m looking out from the entrance of that cave with the dock. (Though at an angle so you can’t see the dock the lighthouse.)

Here’s the back wall of the cave. Maybe that wall is the seed of something interesting, if I leveled it out and extended it? I have had good experiences with large spaces inside mountains before…

I don’t want to destroy what’s there in the cave, though: I like the grass and water at the bottom of the cave. So, if I do something, I’d want to preserve and heighten that.

Here’s a view from the back corner.


I think next month I’ll try to extend that cave some? Maybe even adding in more grass and/or water (a waterfall from the ceiling? vines somewhere?), I’m not sure…

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VGHVI Minecraft: August 27, 2020

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Very few pictures this time: it was just Dan and me, I still haven’t gotten back to building, and I spent most of my time talking instead of wandering. But Dan did some building, at least.

That block in the middle with the flower on it is just floating in midair.

Dan continued working on abstract sculptures, in color instead of black this time.

A closeup of the blue sculpture.

The red one.

The purple one.

And green.

Another view of all of them, this time in the snow.

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VGHVI Minecraft: July 30, 2020

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We skipped the June Minecraft session, but here are the pictures for July:


I was wandering around the main part of the city, and I noticed a path that I’d kind of forgotten.

A path near the city.

Here’s a side view as it goes up some stairs next to the train tracks.

Now it’s heading down some stairs in the direction of that large colored glass tower.

A level stretch, a little closer to the tower.

And here’s one end of the path, near that roller coaster ride thing.


And a couple of pictures of where the fire temple got swallowed by the rift, and some other random pictures:

The entrance almost looks normal if you don’t pay attention to what’s behind it.

From a side view, it’s clear that things went wrong.

Some other random older structures that are in the same general area as the new castle Ariel is working on.

Floating buildings glowing at dawn. Or maybe dusk.


I’m still not really building myself these days, but Dan and Ariel are continuing to work away. Dan’s continuing his geometric explorations, but with branching structures instead of just lines / planes:

A new branching sculpture.

It’s got a smaller neighbor next to it.

If you look at the background, you can see a line, a plane, and a cube with some branches coming out of the top.

And here’s a closer view of the new one.


And Ariel is continuing to flesh out their castle:

Adding in some armor racks. (And a view of the super tree through the window, I’d forgotten it was close enough to be visible.)

Some rooms that are still under construction, though one of them has a bunch of furnaces.

The hallway outside the greenhouse, I assume those are stairs down at the back.

Is this the basement? Though the roof makes me think it might be an attic area? I can’t remember…

A room with a huge bookshelf and a quite large skull painting.

The other direction has a large chest and a view of the side of a hill.

The outside of the building.

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VGHVI Minecraft, May 28, 2020

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I didn’t do any building last month, and didn’t even take many pictures, we were mostly talking a bunch. A few random pictures from flying around:

Some of Dan’s older structures that I’d forgotten about.

I’d forgotten that one of the library buildings had this pretty roof on it.

That horizontal slab looks more threatening to me each time I see it, now it reminds me of a Star Destroyer. And then there’s the vertical wall next to it; not sure if I read it as threatening or defensive or just there…

I think I took this picture because of what looks like a cloud of gnats or something on the horizon. (It’s probably smoke?)

Roger has added a window at one end of the cathedral.

I had some visitors!

That really does not look very safe.

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VGHVI Minecraft, April 30, 2020

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Pictures from April:


I’d been working on a cave with natural stairs last time; I’d cleaned up the stairs, so the question is what to do next.

First, I looked around some:

Here are the stairs.

There’s a neat garden up the stairs with a sunken tree.

Looking back from above the stairs, so you can see the other buildings in the area.

There’s a little nook on the right side of the entrance.

I don’t have the before pictures, but I had to push out the wall on the left side in this picture by a few blocks so it matched the right side.

There’s quite a bit more cave on the other side.


So that’s me taking the lay of the land. (And bumping out one of the walls a bit.) But I wanted to do something with the stairs: maybe add in colors or something? I experimented with a few different blocks:

How about blue steps?

Or maybe red steps and blue on the sides?

Darker sides look better.

Or I could add in some gold to make it flashier.

While I’m in the area, let’s put in some furniture in that nook.

I didn’t like the gold, so I went back to the darker sides.

Honestly, I’m not super in love with that; I might get rid of the red and go back to something plainer. Or maybe it would look fine if I put more exciting stuff on the ground inside?


Roger was with us for Minecraft for the first time in a while, chipping away again on his cathedral.

Here’s what the cathedral looks like.

Adding some wood on the top.

Here’s the view at the other end.

A picture from further out.

Starting to make the top level wider.

Some random picture I took in the area; I think it’s maybe near that weird cliff with lava in it? At any rate, a view of sunset through a hole going through a mountain.


Meanwhile, Dan was continuing his more abstract shapes.

A cube and a line. Which raises the question: shouldn’t there be a square? Like, we’re skipping straight from one dimension to three dimensions? (Hmm, maybe also a single block somewhere to be the zero-dimension case.)

A closeup of the cube.

A view up the pillar.

The cube has sprouted; I guess it wasn’t supposed to be a geometrical abstraction after all…


And Ariel was continuing to work on their palace.

Approaching the palace; I now know where it is well enough to be able to fly there instead of just teleport.

A view from a higher angle.

More structure on the lower floor.

Starting to work on some spiral stairs.

Now the stairs go all the way up.

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VGHVI Minecraft, February 27, 2020

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I didn’t take so many pictures in February: partly because I’m still not sure what to build next and partly because I got caught up in conversation.


A few pictures from wandering around:

A cliff with a small cave in it, and an island off in the haze.

A valley with some animals.

Another one-block water discontinuity, this time including ice.

A randomly generated staircase.

That last one has stuck with me; maybe I’ll try to find it again and see if I can do something with the cave around it to cause the staircase to fit into a larger context? Hopefully I know more or less where it is…


No pictures from Dan or Ariel, but Pat was working on a bowling alley:

The lanes of the bowling alley.

There’s a space on the other side of the lanes.

Here’s what it looks like from the outside.

Looking closer at the windows.

Here’s what it looks like behind the lanes.

Now there are some pins in place.

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VGHVI Minecraft, January 30, 2020

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Very few pictures this time: I didn’t do any building myself and I didn’t take a ton of pictures of other people’s work.


First, some travel shots making my way back to the current area where I’m working.

A nice waterfall coming out of the side of an overhang. (With lava as accent, and a sheep enjoying the scene.)

My path happened to take me past the building that Ariel is working on these days.

A row of bookshelves sitting there in the snow and rain…

Then, some pictures of the place where I’m currently working. Or at least where I had been working, I’m honestly not sure what I’ll do next.

Dan’s scaffolding with trees has one bit of scaffolding extending up out of it.

I like the lit up flowers at night in front of the mountain complex.

A view down the valley.

Viewed from the side, the trees on the scaffold look more like smoke…


Ariel was adding a greenhouse to that building:

A view of the greenhouse from higher up.

Pretty blue flowers inside the greenhouse.

Here’s what it looks like from ground level.


And Pat started on the skeleton of a new building, but hadn’t gotten very far.

The new building only has its outer walls so far.

A view of the floating garden near / under the previous building he had been working on.

Here’s another angle on the new building.

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VGHVI Minecraft, December 19, 2019

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Pictures from the December Minecraft session:

First, some wandering photos.

Here’s the cave I’ve been working near; wasn’t really inspired by looking at the inside, though, so I decided to just wander around.

A sunset over the mountain with the castle Dan built.

The view down the valley.

A nice view of trees and mountain passes.

Is that a structure somebody built or an algorithm change glitch?

Turned out to be caused by an algorithm change, just a particularly bizarre one: I don’t really understand why this one chunk strip would be different?

It actually got a little weirder after that. (So maybe that original strip was more than a chunk wide?)

If I’m remembering correctly, this was actually a hole in the wall of one of those weird blocks, and it was actually beneath the ocean level; but for some reason the water didn’t flood in the opening?

I ran into a quite deep chasm at some point during this.

On the way back, I saw this on the horizon; if I’m remembering correctly, it’s something Dan built maybe half a decade ago?

At the top, there are flows of water and lava.

Here’s a picture going down the middle.


That’s a picture of what Dan had been doing years ago; here’s what he was doing more recently:

The pumpkin fire and the tree scaffold in the mist.

The trees at the top of the scaffold have grown out now.

There’s now an orange pyramid in the water next to the train tracks.

Here’s a closer view of the pyramid.

And here’s what it looks like at ground level.


Ariel didn’t do lot of building this month, just starting to add a second level onto their current structure:

Starting work on a second level.

And here’s the view from the bottom, with interior walls starting to get sketched out.


Finally, Pat built out the inside of the big building he’d been working on.

Pat in a large room with a large bed.

Looking down the hallway on the second floor.

One of the rooms on the second floor, I guess a bathroom?

A cute little bedroom.

The other end of that bedroom.

A larger room on the ground floor.

A better view of the hearth in that room.

Looking out the window next to the fireplace.

Another view of the master bedroom, with bookshelves.

A somewhat more formal room.

Armor in this one.

A closeup on the decorations on the wall.

The outside view of the chimney leading to that fireplace.

A bigger picture view.

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VGHVI Minecraft, November 21, 2019

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Pictures from the November Minecraft session:

In October, I’d built a path up from a cave; I was trying to figure out what to do next. So: some flying around.

The entrance to the cave in question.

I like this side view of the mountain through a forest path.

A weird discontinuity in the water level. And you’ll see a very flat wall next to that, clearly I hit a generation algorithm change.

A sheep wandering in the water next to another one of those walls.


I decided that I’d build a pier on my cave, and another one at the lighthouse; there’s a water path from one to the other, slightly but pleasantly roundabout. The only weird thing in the path is a one block height discontinuity in the water (with a waterfall on half of it, to make it even odder), but that sounds fine.

Here’s the pier sticking out from the cave.

And here’s the one at the lighthouse.

Taking a trip in a boat to try it out.

The view of some more of those weird flat walls.

Here’s a top-down view of those odd walls.

And then I sunk my boat.


So, that discontinuity in the water. It (unsurprisingly) went fine when I took my boat down the discontinuity. But, when I tried to go in the other direction, rather than either preventing me from going up or having the boat climb up one block, the boat went straight into the higher water level and then sunk. And the same thing happened when I went back up along the part of the the discontinuity where the water was sloping down in a micro-waterfall instead of being a one-block step. So that’s too bad; it means that I can’t actually row the boat back from the lighthouse to the cave.

Anyways, a few last pictures:

Should I put in some steps down from the cave?

I decided I liked it better with sand blocks instead of steps.

I decided I preferred to have the pier to be two blocks wide instead of three blocks.


Dan, meanwhile, built a lot of (kind of Dadaist) random little objects, plus one big one: he was exploring how scaffolding works, and it turns out that it’s really easy to build scaffolding high up into the sky, and that you can plant trees on it. So now there’s a huge wall of trees growing near the cathedral.

A flat area with sand bricks and some red/black thing.

There are some pillars nearby with cakes on top.

A side view of those cake pillars, showing the flaming pumpkins from October nearby.

If you want more cake, here’s cake stacked on more cake.

A higher view of that stacked up cake.

Sure, let’s put some boats on top of some blocks, why not.

Some more random stuff.

Yes, those are beds on top of those trees.

A bunch of doors next to each other.


That’s the random stuff, but there’s also this huge structure of scaffolding with trees growing on it.

Approaching the tree scaffolding.

Here’s the base, trees growing thickly there.

Trees are much sparser at the top.

Some more trees have popped up on the right side.

You can see the trees growing in real time, the top right one is larger in this picture than in the previous one.

Here’s the view from the other side, it’s quite close to Roger’s unfinished cathedral.

And here’s the top-down view, with lots of seedlings waiting to grow.

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VGHVI Minecraft: October 31, 2019

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For the October Minecraft session, I wanted to make a path from the lighthouse to the top of the mountain near it. There was a cave nearby that seemed promising, so I wanted to look there first.

Looking across the bay from the lighthouse to the cave in the side of the mountain.

While wandering around, I noticed a hole in the sand, and it seemed surprisingly deep?

Yeah, there’s a cave down there, here’s the view up the hole.

And there’s a second chimney going down near the bottom of the one under the hole in the sand.

Here’s a bat that I ran into.

Returning to where I was planning to build from, here’s the inside of that cave mouth in the mountain.

Here’s a waterfall that was somewhere around there?

The view from the bottom of that waterfall.

Another place where that cave leads to the bay, where the strange physics means that the water doesn’t flood in.

I think the back of this wall is where I want to put some stairs up. This is on your right side when you enter the cave from the water, so it won’t go deep into the mountain, it’ll go up just inside the edge of the mountain.


So that’s the plan: build some stairs up from there, then see how that looks from the top. And, if I get inspired, do something interesting at the bottom too.

Here’s the view up from the bottom of the stairs.

And the view down from the top; pretty long stairs.

I think this must be the view into the cave from the bottom of the stairs? Looks a little messy…

Halfway up, the stairs pass over this crevasse.

The view of the lighthouse from near the top of the stairs.

I have pathways connecting the other landmarks on top of the mountain, I’ll need to add one (or two?) to the stair entrance. (Which is sort of near the middle of this picture, a little on the left side.)

Maybe I can fit a path here under the trees? It’s straight enough.

Now there’s a path in place.

Here’s how the new path meets the deck that had been on the water side of the top of the mountain.

I’m also going to fork the path so it goes up to the fountain.

Here’s the path along the edge of the mountain top near the building and fountain.

Extending the path further past the fountain.

Now you can see most of the path network. (Though a fair chunk on the water side is covered by trees.)


That’s what I was doing; Dan had apparently decided that he was done with his white underground passages and he built a series of decorations on the surface.

I’m pretty sure this decoration near the entrance to the underground passages is new?

Here’s a white smoking boot thing near the train tracks.

Some pumpkin blocks surrounded by fires.

A closer view.

Their pumpkin nature becomes a little more apparent from the top.

A green sculpture with some bells near it.

While wandering around in a cave near there, I came across this unexpected sight.

Here’s the view through that glass; it’s from a patterned pit that Dan had built several months ago.

Here’s the view of that from the non-cave side.


And Ariel was continuing work on their castle from last time.

Traveling to the castle, I went past the jungle glitch in the ice; was that chunk of ice in the middle of the jungle there from the start of the glitch, or has the ice started to reform??

Approaching the castle.

The visiting committee is still here; Ariel is consulting with its human member, while its llama members are examining the wall.

Patterned windows.

And a patterned door.

Here’s the inside view from the top, you can see the plan for interior walls.

A closer view of the bridge, you can see the water from this side.

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