Guitar Status: May 5, 2013

May 05 2013

Very little guitar practice this week: Saturday morning and early afternoon was spent a performance of Miranda’s school orchestra, the rest of Saturday afternoon was spent on work stuff, and Sunday afternoon was a bit of work and a bit of catching up. So that only left two hours on Sunday morning; I went through the event that was queued up plus two new songs.

The new songs were White Wedding and Eye of the Tiger; both pleasant (and both at least a little ridiculous). In terms of old songs, the main bit of note was that it threw a Rush song at me for the first time in a while: Subdivisions, and I did pretty well at it once I went through a few of the sections in riff repeater mode. In particular, I managed to get the arpeggio fairly solid; I think I’ll probably practice that one outside of game for a while, it’s a good level for me.

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