Tai Chi Notes, June 18, 2019

Jun 18 2019

This Saturday, my teacher reviewed my form. Notes from that:

  • At end of Oblique Posture, my right arm was a little far back.
  • When doing Reverse with Spiraling Forearms, have my hand circle back more.
  • Always look where I’m kicking. (I was looking away during Kick with the Left Heel.)
  • My arms are going too high when doing the two blocks in Flash the Back.
  • I should work even more on connecting my movements.

And we started the Jian on Saturday; we’ll see if the whole thing sticks this time, it didn’t the last time I tried to learn it. But I also feel like I need to rearrange my Sunday practice time if I’m really going to keep all these forms in my head; and I’m not at all sure whether I should do that or try to learn the Lao Jia First Form plus one other form and let the others fall to the side or just spend almost all my time on the Lao Jia First Form. Though I’m pretty sure the real answer is that my main problem is that I don’t practice Tai Chi enough times during the week…

I ran into an interesting article from the Gokhale folks about cultural differences leading to physical differences in sitting meditation. I’ve been doing that more, and I don’t feel great about my lower back there, so I bought a meditation pillow on Monday; we’ll see if that helps.

Okay Lotus practice on Sunday and Monday; up to 19 minutes of Wu Ji again, I’ll try 20 on Thursday. Though I was also listening to a podcast episode of Damo’s on Monday where he mentioned that even doing Wu Ji an hour a day is only the beginning, so I should keep on cranking it up! But hey, if I can increase my duration a minute each week, then a year from now, I’ll be at the hour mark; more motivation to just keep chipping away.

Not as much energy as normal during Tai Chi class this evening, and my knees felt a little off; not sure why. Also I was noticing that my hands are a little low when stepping back during the initial Jin Gang, and also I should probably turn out my right foot more there.


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