VGHVI Minecraft, March 26, 2020

Apr 11 2020

Pictures from the March Minecraft session:


There was one cave that I’d noticed last time that I was thinking I’d build in, so I traveled back to the mountain, in hopes that I could find it again.

Some random island (?) that I took a picture of; not sure whether the lighting inside is natural or from something that some player added…

That wall of trees really is kind of dominant when you’re traveling past it…

There’s the cave!

It was closer to the mountain than I realized; certainly made it easy to find…

The neat thing about the cave is these stairs in the back: that’s all procedurally generated, they’re amazingly regular given that.

Now the stairs are actually reaching down to the floor.

Here’s the view all the way to the top, I had to regularize things at the top too.

I puttered around a little in the middle, but not much; I have to spend more time on the inside, on the entrance, and put a path or something connecting this to the mountain.


Next, Dan: it combines his new focus on trees with his old focus on straight lines.

Heading at night to the area where Dan was working.

A lot more trees in that water area, and a tall pillar on the right.

You can see the orange pyramid he built a few months back peeking out from underneath the trees.

Here’s the view from the side, so you can see the spaces better.

The view towards the pillar; not sure which ones were generated and which ones were added.

Here’s a full view of the pillar.

A view of the trees on top.


And Ariel had been adding to their castle, building a greenhouse on top of one side.

Ariel standing on the castle roof.

The view inside the greenhouse.

The lower level of the castle.

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