Nei Gong Notes, August 15, 2023

Aug 15 2023

Not much to report. Same sitting exercises as last time; standing I’ve been good about doing some spinal waves, and I’ve started adding in the Tai Chi version of Wuji. I should probably start alternating that with Taiyi Standing, that also shouldn’t do anything to my hands. And I should probably think some about the more awareness based non-sitting practices, like the ones about walking.

I’ll see a doctor again a week from tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be on a smaller brace then. We’ll see how much freedom of movement the hypothetical new brace gives me; and I’ll ask the doctor if there’s anything particular I should avoid.

Speaking of doctors, my TCM doctor thinks my kidneys are in good shape. He wants to get back to my liver for a few weeks, but hopefully I’ll have a clean bill of health by the end of September.

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