Minecraft: Preamble

Jan 16 2011

Like I said in my first post, “this blog is intended to be pictures of my Minecraft house”. In fact, that’s where the idea for this blog came from: Jonathan was complaining on Buzz that

You know what we don’t need any more of? Stupid Minecraft posts. I don’t want to see another fucking Minecraft house. Everybody has a Minecraft house. There’s nothing special about your house. I don’t care.

And my reaction was, “That’s a great idea! I should write about my Minecraft house!” So I’m going to, Jonathan is going to be bored, and the rest of you are going to be bored, too. I suspect something more interesting will come out of it eventually, but that more interesting something won’t be here, it will be on my main blog. But here you will find too many pictures of my house, an entire travelogue of my experiences in the game. (Plus similarly boring chatter / pictures of other games.)

I’m playing in peaceful mode; this is my second world, because I took too long a break after creating my first world and lost track of where I was. Unfortunately, I didn’t start taking pictures until recently in my second world, so you’ll see a lot of future construction (e.g. windows) in the early pictures; ignore them.

And many thanks to Matthew Gallant for his Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft.


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