Minecraft: Spawn Point

Jan 16 2011

Actually, I lied: this blog isn’t just going to be pictures of my Minecraft house. No, it’s going to be much more interesting than that: I’ll also include pictures of my Minecraft spawn point!

Spawn Point - East

Spawn Point - South

Spawn Point - West

Spawn Point - North

I decided to go north; in retrospect, south seems pretty interesting, too, but at the time I was playing on an underpowered computer with a low draw distance, so I probably couldn’t see the trees there. (But I’m looking forward to exploring it in the future!) There may have been a tree up north that I could see and immediately chopped down, I don’t remember.

I walked up that hill, wandered around, and then got nervous: what if I did something interesting, then died, then couldn’t find my way back? So I went back to as close to my spawn point as I remembered, and created a clear sign as to where I’d gone:

Trench from my Spawn Point

A big unnatural trench should do the trick, no? And, at the top of the hill, I turned the trench to the right:

Trench turning at top of hill

This looks really different now from when I first saw it: for one thing, I’ve planted a bunch of trees, and for another thing, you can see a window that obviously didn’t exist back then! At any rate, that hill looked promising, so I walked towards it. I’m assuming that it must have had a coal deposit visible on the surface, because that’s where I started digging my first cave.

The entrance to my house


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