Minecraft: The Fourth Floor of The House

Feb 13 2011

After my interludes of mining and exploring, I decided it was time to finish off my house. I’d left space for a fourth floor, so I just had to figure out what to put there.

It was noticeably smaller than the previous floors, and I decided to just put it as one big room. It mostly fit fairly naturally into a rectangle; one corner didn’t quite work that way, and if I extended the floor there, then it made the third floor balcony too dark, so I put an indentation on that corner. (But, unlike the second and third floors, the indentation was square instead of jagged.)

Left side of fourth floor

Middle of fourth floor

Right side of fourth floor

The big difference between the three floors is how they interact with the arch: the second floor is just barely below the arch, the third floor is right up against the bulk of the arch, and the fourth floor is mostly above the arch. I put a door on the fourth floor leading out to the top of the arch: if you look through it, you have a lovely view of the waterfall spire that I’d recently explored.

View of waterfall through the fourth floor arch door

I put a very small balcony outside the indented area on the left.

Small fourth floor balcony

You’ll notice a gap in the railing there. Originally, there was railing on all the edges; but then, at one point, I entered the fourth floor and noticed that a guest had somehow dropped down onto the balcony.

Cow on balcony

Because of the railing, it was stuck. So I removed the railing, hoping that the cow would jump down through that (I didn’t want to lead it through my house); it was reluctant, so I gave it a shove. Unfortunately, when I went down to the ground, I found that there was a reason why it was reluctant to make that leap:

Cow, R.I.P.

I still don’t have a solution to this; I’m hoping that not too many other animals will drop down onto the balcony.

On a lark, I also put some stairs going up from the back of the room. They lead to the top of the mountain, with a view of the desert containing my spawn point below.

Stairs leading up from back of fourth floor

View of desert and spawn point from top of stairs

That’s all the work I’m planning to do on the house for now. (With the possible exception of doing something with the pantry area; also, once I’ve grown more sugarcane, I’ll probably put in some bookshelves.) It makes a coherent chunk; there is quite a bit more mountain behind it to hollow out, but I want to think for a bit before putting something there. So, for now, I’ll get back to my mining and do some more exploration. (And possibly combine the two, while coming to terms with the ravine!)


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