Minecraft: The Rooftop

Feb 07 2011

After finishing the third floor, I wasn’t sure how the shape of the hill above me would work, so I decided to build up to the top of the hill before going back and putting in a fourth floor. (If, indeed, there was room for a fourth floor at all!)

Steps up from the third floor

You’ll see a glass enclosure at the top of the steps: if I went straight in that direction until I hit the outside, there really wasn’t room to put a door, but I also didn’t want to turn left and up too early. After some experimentations (the placement of the door took some work, in particular), I ended up with a glass enclosure that I’m rather happy with. Here’s a view looking down into it (the stairs from before are off to the right, just barely blocked from view)

Looking back at the glass enclosure

and here’s an explanation of why I care about enclosures and doors so much:

Sheep are everywhere

Here’s the door in question, leading out to the rooftop area:

Heading out to the roof

And the rooftop itself:

Rooftop, complete with tree

I’m really happy with that. I leveled it out a bit, but left it rough around the edges, and I planted the tree. In fact, I experimented with planting multiple trees, but eventually decided that a single tree was better. (Strong Centers.)

In the other direction, here’s the top of the arch that had been blocking windows on the second and third floors. It’s a lot narrower here – it’s that green path snaking to the sand.

Looking out over the arch

Looking out over that water also got me curious about the hills I could see in the distance; eventually I went exploring in that direction, but that’s a later blog post.

Also from a later time, but I’ll mention it now: it turns out that the top of this hill is visible and even accessible from my spawn point, and indeed from fairly far in every direction. So I built a pillar with torches on top, to be able to find my way back here from a distance.

Lights on the top of the hill


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