Minecraft: The Second Floor of the House

Feb 06 2011

When we last left this story, I’d found an amazing cave. It was so large as to be overwhelming, however, so I decided to spend some time working on a house instead. My initial entrance was at the bottom of a rather large hill, so I decided to hollow out some rooms above that.

The stairs up to the second floor

I hollowed out a fairly large room; following my Christopher Alexander fetish, I decided to put Light on Two Sides of Every Room, or at least of this one.

Light on Two Sides of Every Room

Actually, I think there’s a big Christopher Alexander Minecraft post waiting to be written here, but that should probably go on my other blog, so here I’ll just hint at what’s going on: fitting this house into the existing shape of the mountain has been illuminating.

The second floor also has a hallway and a smaller room.

Hallway and smaller room on second floor

Inside the smaller room

These pictures also point out my increased use of glass: at some point around here I started smelting, and realized that I’d want a renewable heat source, so I started a tree farm out there:

The top of my tree farm

One other aspect of conforming to the existing space: the hill that I’m building into leads to an arch. I’m still under the arch, but only just barely, making the windows on that side noticeably darker.

The view from under the arch

You can also see the exit from the ravine I’m mentioned earlier; and sheep continue to be a theme.

A candle in the distance

What's that sheep doing up here?

Behind the stairs, I hollowed out a little area; I’m tentatively thinking of it as a pantry, but there aren’t any chests or anything in there. It’s also where the stairs to the third floor are located.

Steps up to pantry


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