Minecraft: The Third Floor of the House

Feb 06 2011

Now on to the third floor. As before, I put light on two sides of the entrance room:

Entrance room of to third floor

This time, however, the arch was blocking most of one side; I ended up solving that by having a long wide hall with windows at both ends and more torches than normal.

A long, wide hall; the arch would be on the left

I also created a workroom, which is currently my primary storage and smelting area. (I’m running out of chest space, though, I should put in some more.)

Third floor workroom

You may have noticed a balcony in that first picture: now I’m starting to craft my surrounding landscape a little more explicitly.

Looking down over the tree farm from the balcony

Viewing the sunset from the balcony window

That crafting hasn’t been entirely successful: in particular, the balcony blocked the view from the second floor window more than I would have liked. Inspired by Stanford’s outside stairs, I decided to add some going up on the outside from the balcony:

Stairs up from the balcony

If you go all the way up the stairs and look in the right direction, you can see where my spawn point was in the desert.

Hello, spawn point down there!


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