Pro Guitar Status: May 15, 2011

May 16 2011

Not too much to say today. I was worried I wouldn’t have a lot of time to play this weekend—yesterday was a bit busy, and I participated in a podcast recording today—but I got a decent amount in today, making it through most of the Moderate songs. And the guitar continues to work well, so the cable was definitely the problem.

Some of which were surprisingly easy—I guess Walk of Life must be a lot harder on the higher difficulties? Though I can’t quite hear how; also, I’d never noticed before that some of the early chords in that song come in a touch late, I was glad the game didn’t try to force me to do that. Other songs were rather more difficult: I’m having to jump around a bit more, and sometimes chords are coming a little closer on each other’s tails.

Also, one of the songs made me play barre chords: while it only gave me two notes at a time, it alternated between the lowest two and highest two strings, so treating that as part of a single barre chord was clearly the way to go. Which didn’t go too badly, actually, but clearly it’s something I need to work on: by the end of that song, I wasn’t reliably holding down the notes in the middle of the chord, and I got the feeling that my left hand was working too hard.

My other random observation of the day: so far, I’m finding big rock endings super unsatisfying on the pro guitar—for whatever reason, the realism of the instrument rather destroys the illusion for me. Maybe that will get better as my guitar skills improve, however.

Anyways, I certainly have challenges waiting for me when I reach Hard, judging from how the barre chords and faster sections went today. Which is a good thing! And if Medium holds my interest through the higher difficulty tiers better than Easy did, that’s all to the good as well.

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