Minecraft: Laying down Track

Jul 24 2011

Last time, I finished digging out the train station behind my house; now, time to lay down track!

Rails are crafted

I decided that I’d build some train platforms out of half-height blocks. I’m still not entirely sure about the layout there—I only have one track now, so it’s hard to envision how the station would look when it becomes full of tracks—but I decided not to worry about that and just place an approximation for where platforms might go.

Putting platforms in place; pretend that there are tracks in the other gaps

After that, I started laying down track, until I reached the location where the train station behind my other house will be.

I might need fences here to guard against animals. It's desert, though, so maybe not?

We've reached the other station!

At this point, it was time to give it a ride!

Traveling along the track

Entering the main station

The only issues were that I was traveling a bit slowly, and that I couldn’t quite hit the switch when stopped at my home station. Miranda helped me fix both of those, so now the track segment is fully functional.

Making the switch accessible

Tweaking the booster track locations

The final view of the station

The next thing to do is to build a (much smaller) train station around the other end of the line. Miranda’s out right now, though, and I’d like her advice; also, I want to put in some guitar practice. So I think I’ll postpone that until a future week; getting close, though!


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