Guitar Status: February 3, 2013

Feb 07 2013

A busy weekend: I had my first Japanese lesson on Saturday, and we went to a friend’s house for board games on Sunday. Despite which I managed to fit in a decent amount of guitar practice, I think, on the weekend? I might have even practiced one weekday evening; a pity that I’ve taken so long to actually write things up.

I did hit Mastery Mode on one more song, We Share the Same Skies. It’s one of the songs I’d been working on with Brad, and I’m glad I had—the riff is a combination of switching strings and switching fingers that is reachable for me (clearly!) and that I enjoy but that took some amount of time to get solid on. I’m still not completely solid on the details and variations of the riff, so I’ll certainly want to practice it more, but a nice accomplishment.

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