Guitar Status: March 17, 2013

Mar 17 2013

Nothing out of the normal to report this week. I bought one new piece of DLC for Rocksmith: Cult of Personality, its riff is a little trickier than I expected, and Rocksmith fingers it in a quite different way than Rock Band 3 did. Not sure which way I prefer yet. And I’ve finally played all of the DLC I bought other than that song enough times that I’m seeing on-disc content in events again; nice to see those songs again.

I get the feeling I’ve gotten better after my journey through the DLC. And I’m continuing to somewhat inadvertently unlock Master mode: I did that on Plug In Baby yesterday (fun with scales!), and I discovered that I unlocked it on Surf Hell some time ago and forgot about that. So I spent a little time today going through old mastered songs again, so they don’t get too rusty.

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