Guitar Status: March 24, 2013

Mar 24 2013

Rocksmith put out a three-pack by The Cure this week; I got it, good stuff in it. Other than that, not much to report: I’m starting to get used to Cult of Personality (and I’m doing okay with the fingering that Rocksmith suggests), but it’s definitely not the easiest piece in the world. I’ve played that song enough times now that the game is going back to a standard rotation instead of throwing it at me every event, though. (And it only threw the new Cure songs at me two or three times, presumably because they were easy enough that that was all I needed to get to 90,000 points?)

I’m thinking I should probably change up my practicing a little bit: still do at least one event a weekend, to get random songs thrown at me, but also try to master one new song, so I don’t end up getting to where I can do a half-assed job at everything? We’ll see. I might also try going through other parts a little more systematically, in general I enjoy it when I see those in the double encores.

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