Guitar Status: June 23, 2013

Jun 23 2013

I didn’t play Rocksmith yesterday: we were dropping Miranda off at summer camp, so I spent more time doing stuff with her. I did spend a couple of hours playing today, though; Rocksmith threw two dropped-D songs at me, which would normally be annoying, but actually I turn out to kind of like Unnatural Selection. The only song that gave me trouble this time was Cult of Personality; I’m getting better, though, it has the sort of quickish picking that I’ve been practicing recently.

On which note: I’ve been practicing the arpeggios from Something Bigger, Something Brighter outside of game, and I think I’m getting faster at that? I doubt I’m up to the actual speed of the song, but still: progress is good. And on the arpeggio section of Tom Sawyer that I’ve been going through in Rocksmith, I finally managed to have the game declare I’m doing it right at full speed. That’s with only 93% of the notes, so now I’ll have to get to the same speed at 100% of the notes. The extra notes are actually a little weird: it throws in two- or (in a few spots) three-string chords, except that two of the strings are actually playing in unison. (Fourth fret on G and open B.) I don’t really understand what’s going on there, but I’ll do what the game tells me…

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  1. Vernon Reid (Living Colour) is a seriously tough act to follow! 🙂

    Have you not encountered doublestops before? Doublestops are a key part of my sound.

  2. Sure, I’m just surprised to see double stops that are unisons. And the pattern of those particular ones is a little unusual.