Industrial Genomics, v. 1

Apr 25 2015

I’ve played five games with the initial version of my Industrial Genomics deck; I’ve gone 3-2 with it, but two of those wins don’t really count, they were playing against somebody using a stock core set deck. (And who hadn’t learned that it’s not a great idea to run with fewer than three cards in his hand, especially against Jinteki.) And, honestly, the third win was also a bit lucky: my opponent had a 9-card Medium dig (his deck is pretty eccentric) and he hit two Snares before he hit enough agendas.

The flip side, though, is that even the losses didn’t actually let the runner feel comfortable. So I think there’s something there, but it needs work. The ice was a total mess, and the economy is a little low. (I keep underestimating how much economy you need to fire off traps.)

So here’s my first tweak: significant changes to the ice (mostly to get rid of random stuff and to give me a few more straightforward early cards to rez, but also I’m setting up the vague hope of comboing Chum with either Komainu or Kitsune for a kill), and shuffling out a few cards I haven’t used much, giving me room for one more advanceable trap and a couple of Melanges, which hopefully will be a little expensive to trash in this deck. (But I’m losing a couple of Turtlebacks, so the total number of econ cards actually isn’t changing; over five games, though, I only used Turtlebacks a grand total of once, so at least my econ won’t get any worse…)


Card changes:

  • -2 Encryption Protocol
  • -2 Turtlebacks
  • -1 Interns
  • -1 Restructure
  • -1 Excalibur
  • -1 Gemini
  • -1 Shiro
  • +1 Cerebral Overwriter
  • +2 Melange Mining Company
  • +1 Hedge Fund
  • +1 Lotus Field
  • +1 Komainu
  • +1 Cortex Lock
  • +1 Chum
  • +1 Wall of Static


And the current state of the deck:

Industrial Genomics (59 cards)

Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions

Agenda (10)

  • 3 Fetal AI
  • 1 Hades Fragment
  • 2 NAPD Contract
  • 1 Philotic Entanglement
  • 3 The Future Perfect

Asset (26)

  • 2 Cerebral Overwriter ** **
  • 2 Hostile Infrastructure
  • 3 Jackson Howard * * *
  • 2 Melange Mining Corp
  • 3 PAD Campaign
  • 2 Ronin
  • 3 Shi.Kyu
  • 3 Shock!
  • 3 Snare!
  • 3 Sundew

Upgrade (10)

  • 2 Ash 2X3ZB9CY ** **
  • 3 Caprice Nisei
  • 1 Cyberdex Virus Suite
  • 2 Hokusai Grid
  • 2 Red Herrings ** **

Operation (4)

  • 3 Hedge Fund
  • 1 Subliminal Messaging

Barrier (2)

  • 1 Wall of Static
  • 1 Wall of Thorns

Code Gate (3)

  • 1 Chum
  • 2 Lotus Field

Sentry (3)

  • 1 Cortex Lock
  • 2 Komainu

ICE (1)

  • 1 Kitsune

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