Valencia, v. 2

Apr 28 2015

Here’s the current version of my Valencia deck, after I took the prior iteration to a tournament.

The deck did well at that tournament, so I didn’t want to change it too much, I just wanted to thin it down a bit. I decided it probably had enough economy, so I got rid of the two Dirty Laundries; and despite all the bad pub I get, Raymond Flint wasn’t even normally giving me as many as 2 HQ accesses on average, which didn’t seem worth it.

So that brought the deck down to 50 cards, yay! But then I took a look at The Valley. I’m vulnerable to fast advance and I’ve got extra virus-specific memory and extra program install power from Personal Workshop, so I threw in a couple of copies of The Clot.

And then I looked at Paige Piper: if I play her then I can throw away extra copies of Rachel Beckman, Personal Workshop, Katie Jones, Corroder, Eater, Vigil, so she should thin out my deck? (And if I’m going to throw in one copy, there’s no reason not to throw in three.) Similarly, I’m drawing a lot with this deck and clicking for credits sometimes, so Symmetrical Visage should pay for itself in terms of efficiency, so another three copies of that (which Paige should get rid of 1-2 copies of); and also probably a third copy of I’ve Had Worse will actually make my deck less dense as well? (Or at worst break-even: one click to draw it, one click to earn a credit, one click to play it, resulting in three cards.)

I’m not sure I disagree with that analysis; but the flip side is that it leaves me with a 59-card deck, which is ridiculous. So either that analysis is wrong or it’s right but I need to take advantage of those increased efficiency cards and use that to get rid of other cards, to let my deck play smaller than it is. (Because having only 6 out of 59 cards being non-Eater icebreakers, two of which depend on also getting Datasucker installed, does not feel good!)


The changes:

  • -2 Raymond Flint
  • -2 Dirty Laundry
  • +3 Paige Piper
  • +3 Symmetrical Visage
  • +2 Clot
  • +1 I’ve Had Worse


And the result:

Valencia (59 cards)

Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe

Event (19)

  • 3 Day Job
  • 2 Deja Vu
  • 2 Forked
  • 1 Frame Job
  • 3 Itinerant Protesters
  • 3 I’ve Had Worse
  • 1 Knifed
  • 1 Spooned
  • 3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (8)

  • 1 Clone Chip **
  • 2 Cyberfeeder
  • 2 MemStrips
  • 3 Vigil

Resource (16)

  • 3 Investigative Journalism
  • 2 Kati Jones
  • 3 Paige Piper
  • 2 Personal Workshop **** ****
  • 3 Rachel Beckman * * *
  • 3 Symmetrical Visage

Icebreaker (8)

  • 1 Cerberus “Cuj.0” H3
  • 2 Corroder
  • 2 Eater
  • 1 Mimic
  • 1 Yog.0
  • 1 ZU.13 Key Master **

Program (8)

  • 2 Clot
  • 2 Datasucker
  • 2 Medium
  • 2 Parasite

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