Chameleon, v. 1

Sep 04 2015

The initial version of my Chameleon deck tried to include Hyperdriver as well, but I basically knew from the start that that was too much for one deck. So I got rid of Hyperdriver (2 copies), Quest Completed (2 copies), and Notoriety (3 copies). Also, Hayley’s identity never helped, so I swapped her out with Chaos Theory, giving me more memory so I could get rid of the two copies of Cybersolutions Mem Chip.

That brought me down to 41 cards; and, I figured that, with the smaller deck, I’d get rid of both Diesel’s as well. I used the freed up influence to add two copies of Forged Activation Orders; also, Film Critic seems like the new hotness, so I included two of those.

That was a clear improvement; I needed more tools to get stuff out, though, so I added two SMCs, making room by getting rid of one Personal Workshop (which I’d been feeling a bit dependent on) and one Dinosaurus (which is important but, given the number of tools I have to match Chameleon’s strength, not essential to get out early). Here’s the result:


Chameleon v. 1

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind

Event (7)

  • 2x Forged Activation Orders •• ••
  • 3x Sure Gamble
  • 2x The Maker’s Eye

Hardware (11)

  • 2x Clone Chip
  • 2x Cyberfeeder • •
  • 2x Dinosaurus
  • 3x LLDS Processor
  • 2x Plascrete Carapace

Resource (11)

  • 2x Armitage Codebusting
  • 2x Daily Casts
  • 2x Film Critic
  • 1x Ice Carver •••
  • 2x Kati Jones
  • 2x Personal Workshop

Icebreaker (6)

  • 3x Chameleon
  • 1x Deus X
  • 1x Gordian Blade
  • 1x Sharpshooter

Program (8)

  • 2x Datasucker • •
  • 2x Parasite •• ••
  • 2x Sahasrara
  • 2x Self-modifying Code

15 influence spent (max 15)
43 cards (min 40)


It’s certainly a lot better than its initial version; I’m not surprised when it wins, though I think it doesn’t win half the time. It’s just on the edge of having enough money; also, I don’t run as much as is a good idea in general. But, when I do pick my runs, I can make it in: for example, yesterday I won a game where I could walk right through strength 7 ice, which is a very useful ability. Film Critic has been useful in a couple of situations, too, I’m definitely keeping that.

Still: needs improvement, given its record; and being three cards over the minimum is a sign that I’m not looking hard enough at it. I also think I need to learn how to pilot the deck better…


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