GRNDL, v. 0

Sep 22 2015

I’d gotten a non-FFG alt-art GRNDL at a recent tournament, so I decided to use that for my next corp. I wanted to hit some of the same beats as I’d had in my Next Ice deck, while adding in some Weyland meanness.

I start off with an economic advantage; I wanted to have that feed on itself. So partly that meant throwing in three copies of Restructure, but I also included three copies of Oaktown Renovation and two copies of Corporate War in my agenda mix. Hopefully I can get them out early and defend them enough to score them, at which point my economic advantage grows.

But this is Weyland: I still want to be able to blow people up. I didn’t feel like going heavily on 3-point agendas, and Punitive Counterstrike is less good in a Film Critic world, so Scorched Earth. Which means that I need to land tags; I decided to throw in both SEA Source and Midseason Replacements. (My Next Ice deck showed the power of rig destruction: even if I don’t yet have enough copies of Scorched Earth, Midseason Replacements can let me take out resources.)

When originally building the deck, I forgot that I only had 10 influence, though: with Midseason taking 4 influence, that’s a real problem. I decided to solve that via tutoring: three copies of Project Atlas, and two copies of Aggressive Negotiation. That way I’ll be able to get out Midseasons early; depending on how things go, I can also use that for Scorched.

I decided to include two copies of Underway Renovation (probably my Laramy Fisk deck was inspiring me there): if I get enough money and a defended remote, I might just end up riding that for a while, accepting that I’ll lose one agenda point from it at some point. And I doubled up with resource destruction by including a couple of copies of Corporate Town (since I’d had so much fun discarding agendas for Archer!); also, one Shattered Remains to blow up hardware and three Archers for programs.

The ice is pretty standard; 20 pieces, it turned out a little more advanceable than I expected, but that’s fine.

It ended up at 54 cards: I was including a little bit too much stuff. But hey, given that I have 5 cards in there that have an agenda as part of their rez cost, having extra agendas isn’t bad! I don’t expect it to stay that way, though; if I had to guess, maybe I’ll end up getting rid of two copies of Underworld Renovation, two copies of Corporate town, and one other non-ice card. (And probably swapping the third Archer with a slightly more standard ice.) We’ll see, though, I want to see how it goes.


Here’s everything:

GRNDL, v. 0

GRNDL: Power Unleashed

Agenda (12)

  • 2x Corporate War
  • 1x Government Contracts
  • 1x Hostile Takeover
  • 3x Oaktown Renovation
  • 3x Project Atlas
  • 2x Underway Renovation

Asset (8)

  • 2x Corporate Town
  • 2x Jackson Howard • •
  • 3x PAD Campaign
  • 1x Shattered Remains

Upgrade (1)

  • 1x Shell Corporation

Operation (13)

  • 2x Aggressive Negotiation
  • 2x Hedge Fund
  • 1x Midseason Replacements ••••
  • 3x Restructure
  • 3x Scorched Earth
  • 2x SEA Source •• ••

Barrier (9)

  • 2x Fire Wall
  • 1x Hadrian’s Wall
  • 3x Ice Wall
  • 2x Meru Mati
  • 1x Spiderweb

Code Gate (3)

  • 1x Builder
  • 2x Wormhole

Sentry (7)

  • 3x Archer
  • 1x Errand Boy
  • 1x Nebula
  • 1x Swarm
  • 1x Taurus

Multi (1)

  • 1x Orion

10 influence spent (max 10)
22 agenda points (between 22 and 23)
54 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Underway


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