Laramy Fisk, v. 2

Oct 20 2015

After the prior version of my Laramy Fisk deck, I decided that I needed a better way to break into servers, and in particular to give up on the Faust idea. So I got rid of Faust and Passport, adding in a second Corroder and ZU.13. I’d been at 14 influence, and that added two, so I replaced one Film Critic with a Plascrete.

After that, I decided Breach wasn’t helping, and Earthrise Hotel wasn’t the best source of card draw for me, so I got rid of those plus my third Security Testing, replacing them with a Symmetrical Visage and experimentally re-adding two Forged Activation Orders.


Here’s the result:

Laramy Fisk, v. 2

Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor

Event (21)

  • 3x Account Siphon
  • 3x Dirty Laundry
  • 3x Fisk Investment Seminar
  • 2x Forged Activation Orders
  • 2x Inside Job
  • 2x Legwork
  • 3x Special Order
  • 3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (3)

  • 2x Box-E
  • 1x Plascrete Carapace

Resource (12)

  • 2x Daily Casts
  • 1x Film Critic •
  • 1x Hades Shard •
  • 2x Kati Jones
  • 2x Security Testing
  • 3x Symmetrical Visage
  • 1x Utopia Shard •

Icebreaker (7)

  • 1x Alias
  • 1x Cerberus “Rex” H2
  • 2x Corroder •• ••
  • 1x Faerie
  • 1x Femme Fatale
  • 1x ZU.13 Key Master ••

Program (2)

  • 2x Keyhole ••• •••


It went 2-2 at the tournament; that would be fine, except both wins were on time (because my GRNDL deck is slow!), and one of them didn’t feel like it would have turned into a win. It was definitely a fun experiment, but I also don’t feel like I did as good a job with the experiment as I could have: e.g. this blog post talks about not running early without threat cards, but that’s exactly what I did. It wasn’t that rare for games to come together to where I could take apart my opponent at the end (basically, waiting until they got to a situation where they could win soon, and then doing a few last Keyhole runs and popping Hades Shard), but there were too many situations where that strategy got shut out.

So, again, evidence that I should probably netdeck for a bit, to get a better feel for what good decks feel like.


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