Sunny Lebeau, v. 2

Jan 17 2016

I want to stick with Sunny for a while: I’m not in the habit of getting to know a deck, and I figured my Data & Destiny decks are as good choices as any. But the prior version of my Sunny deck didn’t feel like it was just a tweak or two away from being great, so I figured I would look more broadly.

I’d been ignoring Security Chip; given that there are so few in-faction cards, I figured I should try them all out! I also poked around NetrunnerDB for other Sunny decks; Sunny Taps Out was one I looked at, and in particular it suggested that Career Fair could get Data Folding working in a way it didn’t in the zeroth version of my deck. I also hadn’t thought of using Rabbit Hole to get Power Tap working.

I tried that for a bit, and then I saw another deck (I think it was a Kate deck, actually?) that had The Supplier; I decided to work with that instead of Career Fair.


Here’s the current version:

Sunny Lebeau, v. 2

Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist

Event (8)

  • 2x Dirty Laundry
  • 3x Modded •• •• ••
  • 3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (10)

  • 2x Plascrete Carapace
  • 3x Rabbit Hole • • •
  • 2x Security Chip
  • 3x Security Nexus

Resource (26)

  • 1x Adjusted Chronotype ••
  • 3x Daily Casts
  • 3x Data Folding
  • 1x Dr. Lovegood •
  • 2x Drug Dealer • •
  • 3x Earthrise Hotel
  • 2x Globalsec Security Clearance
  • 2x Jak Sinclair
  • 3x Power Tap • • •
  • 3x The Supplier •• •• ••
  • 3x Underworld Contact

Icebreaker (6)

  • 2x GS Sherman M3
  • 2x GS Shrike M2
  • 2x GS Striker M1

Program (2)

  • 2x Datasucker • •

25 influence spent (max 25)
52 cards (min 50)
Cards up to Data and Destiny


This deck has been hilarious against my coworkers. It’s very slow to get started, but once it gets going, the amount of money it generates is unbelievable. And if my coworkers aren’t thinking and have tracer ice out there, it’s just absurd: e.g. I remember one game where there were two copies of Viper in front of R&D, and I could start my turn making a click-free run that netted me 8 credits (I only had two of my Power Taps) in profit plus a Datasucker token.

Like I said, though: it’s slow to get started. I spend quite a while doing very little in the way of offense, just building up my rig, and against a fast advance opponent that’s enough time to win the game. Then there are maybe two turns where it feels like a normal deck, and then a switch flips and I have more money than I’ve ever seen and can break into anything. So if I can make it that long, I’ll win; if I can’t, I’ll lose. That means that, against my coworkers, I win, but when I took it to a tournament, I went 2-2 with it (with one win on time), and I felt lucky that it had gone that well.

I’m going to stick with it and see what I can do to improve it: get rid of the two extra cards, try to get in a little bit more draw, see if there’s anything I can do to give me early options. And just learn how to play it better: I do, for example, need to start running a little bit more at the start just to force my opponent to rez cards, and to at least pretend a bit that I’m not just going to sit back for turn after turn.


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