Tai Chi Notes, June 25, 2019

Jun 25 2019

On Thursday, my Lotus Wu Ji as by far the easiest it’s been in ages: 20 minutes with no serious discomfort. No idea what was going on there: did I accidentally get my form right, or was my weight too high, or was it something else?

Nothing particular that I remember about Saturday. We had the monthly class on Sunday; we went over Jade Lady, and it turns out that, at the start, I was collapsing my elbow too much: I should spiral in more and fold less. Also, when going over Xin Jia, in Swing the Leg, Drop, and Split, there’s some place where I’m supposed to have both palms down where I only have one palm down. Or maybe it’s in Golden Rooster? I can’t quite remember which move, though…

Partly because of that and because of other distractions, I didn’t do Lotus Neigong stuff on Sunday, but when I realized that and had a break in the middle of the afternoon, I ducked out of work to do 20 minutes of Wu Ji. (But just Wu Ji, no Frolics or Qigong.) Back to its normal level of pain, but I made it through it. And I bumped it up to 21 minutes today (again, painful but I managed), plus Frolics. And in Tai Chi class tonight, I realized that, when you step to the right in Grab and Tuck Robe, you’re supposed to be looking right, whereas I’m normally looking left.


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