Tai Chi Notes, February 18, 2020

Feb 18 2020

Not much to report this week. I noticed on Saturday when doing Wu Ji that my right hand seems a little lower than my left. I played around with it some on Sunday, and I think I figured out a fix: if I shift my hips left while keeping my shoulders it the same position horizontally then that lowers my left shoulder and my left hand. Probably should also help with my head tilt, too?

When going through the form on Sunday, I noticed my balance a little off while stepping forward in Jing Gang; I was leading a bit with my torso, but I think actually I should make sure my back foot propels my hips with my torso coming along for the ride.

And, both tonight and (to some extent) last Tuesday, I noticed another odd thing about the first Jing Gang: when placing your left foot down after raising it, I’d been lowering my hands down in a circular motion, but my teacher seems to be moving his hands backwards there but not lowering them until he starts shifting his weight forward. I need to think about that.


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