Tai Chi Notes, April 1, 2020

Apr 01 2020

Damo posted another video about The Internal Arts Academy; should be launching tomorrow, I’m curious what that’ll be like.

One pleasant thing that I’ve been noticing is that, when walking around, sometimes my spine is feeling particularly well stacked and stable these days. So yay, that’s good, hopefully it is getting in better shape. Or at least was before I’ve been working from home; I can feel things start to fall apart a bit, too.

But fortunately I’m not really feeling like I have a cold any more. So I started doing a tiny bit of Wu Ji yesterday, I’ll try to get that back into shape, and I’m shifting my sitting meditation from something more external to something more internal. And today during a meeting I went through a bunch of Silk Reeling movements. Hopefully if I can keep that up then my body will start being happy again. And it’s not awful now, it just could be better, and I want to make sure I maintain and build upon the spine improvements I feel like I was making before the stay at home order.

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