Nei Gong Notes, December 29, 2020

Dec 29 2020

This week’s lesson in Damo’s course was on the Coiling Snake Dao Yin, where you stretch and twist your back. Seems like it might be being useful, a few times this week my lower back was feeling warm while I was out walking, so maybe I’m getting more blood flow there or something? Something like that happened a month or two back as well, maybe that was when I was doing the back stretch lessons.

In general, I felt like I was doing a good job of practicing: several good sessions, and I found time for Tai Chi. On Saturday I did a 40 minute Wu Ji session; I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to keep it up, since it was feeling a little rough 15 minutes in, but it didn’t get too horrible. So I think my current Wu Ji posture is probably better than I had been: spreading my back seems to be making it easier for my tailbone to sink, and that feels like a relatively stable position. I think I was pretty well sunk this week, too, a little more than I had been in previous weeks?

And I had some 40 minute seated meditation sessions, and I did a good job of combining my existing practice routine with finding time for the new practice. In general, I’m trying to do a decent size practice during lunchtime with a shorter practice at the end of the day (and with seated practice at the start of the day), I like that routine.

Unfortunately, I’m having sleep problems again, so I wasn’t able to follow up that Saturday session with another long Wu Ji session on Sunday, and so far this week I haven’t done any Dantian Gong. I’ll have vacation on Thursday and Friday, though, so hopefully even if I have rough sleep I’ll be able to take a nap and put in more time on at least one of those days.

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