Nei Gong Notes, January 23, 2024

Jan 23 2024

Not a ton to report this week. It was a week for a new lesson in the Nei Gong class, so I did the Taiyi Hundun Qigong 2 lesson. Which extends that sequence to 55 minutes, which is long enough that I had a hard time fitting it into the current rotation. So I skipped doing the Hui Chuns this week; I think that went okay? (Though I should get back to that soon.) Anyways, I was surprised how strong the feeling was in the middle of my forehead when doing the Taiyi Hundun Qigong exercise. But the parts of my central channel lower down would seem to still need opening up.

Part of the reason why I had a hard time fitting it into my schedule was that my sleep was a little off. Observing that, I decided it was probably allergies, and probably caused by me experimenting with stopping one of my allergy medicines (as an experiment suggested by my allergist); I’d thought at first that it was okay for me to not use the drug, but clearly it wasn’t because I took it in the middle of one particularly rough night and my nose dried up quickly and I slept great the rest of the night.

It was a Spinal Dao Yin week, nad they went well: my spine felt like it was stretching better than normal and allowing Qi to flow a little more smoothly. In the bits in my chest / throat I noticed that I was jamming my shoulder blades together because I was pulling my elbows back too much; once I made sure to pull my elbows out instead of back, that went much better.

Nothing special to report on the Tai Chi front.

And my energy levels are continuing to be good; yesterday I felt particularly energized basically all day. I’m going to experiment with doing acupuncture every four weeks instead of every two weeks; hopefully I just need to keep on working on my back as I’ve been doing and it will continue to improve, instead of depending on the acupuncture.

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