Nei Gong Notes, April 23, 2024

Apr 23 2024

My wife was out of town for a week, so I figured it was a good time to finally try out Shui Gong 3, so I watched that again on Tuesday instead of doing a new lesson. I ended up doing Shui Gong 3 a couple of times while she was out, and the experience of staring out through my Yin Tang was pretty interesting. I don’t think I actually got to the meat of the exercise, though, I’ll have to do it more times to get that, I suspect. I only did it two times because I wasn’t sleeping great; not awful but noticeably worse than normal. I’m honestly not sure how much of that was because of Shui Gong 3 and how much was because my wife wasn’t there, but I figured that I should remove one variable so I stopped the exercise after that.

Though I actually ended up doing a new exercise last week as well. A while back I’d taken the time to unlock the lessons in the Nei Gong course up through Zhan Zhuang; despite doing that, though, I never actually spent the time to watch the Zhan Zhuang video. But I’ve been doing Zhan Zhuang once a week for the last month or so and been getting enough out of that that I figured it was time to watch the videos, so I watched Zhan Zhuang 1. Which isn’t actually presenting Zhan Zhuang, it’s doing a preparatory exercise about sinking flesh from bone, but it’s good to know that that’s important in this context too. So I’ll spend some time going over that, and then I’ll move on to the second and third videos.

Not much going on in general. My energy levels are lower than I’d like; not sure how much is a consequence of travel (both mine and my wife’s), not sure how much is me not refilling my TCM herbs during my last treatment, not sure whether something else is going on. I’m trying to keep my back open and my posture good, and my body actually does feel abnormally open inside, so I’m still optimistic that I can make progress again on my back and that that will help with my energy levels; we’ll see.

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