Nei Gong Notes, June 25, 2024

Jun 25 2024

Back home now after the Nei Gong workshop. Not much to say here; I’m glad I went, I think I should spend more time on Calm Abiding, and I might want to work the Firing Process into my practice once a week? I’m not 100% sure where to find the time for that, and also I’m not 100% sure if once a week is enough to make any progress at all with the Firing Process, though; but I got convinced that Calm Abiding is pretty important and would be useful at my current stage, and I did manage to do Scholar Breathing on one of the workshop days, so it would be nice to be able to maintain that and progress to Martial Breathing. But I think that, if I have to choose between the Firing Process that and MCO work, I’ll stick with MCO work for a while.

Back to going through lessons now that that’s over, I think it’s a Taiji week.

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