VGHVI Minecraft: February 24, 2011

Feb 27 2011

We had another one of our more-or-less monthly VGHVI Minecraft sessions last week; here are the pictures.

Roger and Miranda continued their work on the temple from last time. Miranda had some ideas for how to finish off the roof, and it looked great. Here are some views from inside:

Finishing off the roof of the temple

And now the roof of the temple is done

The sheep approve

And here’s the outside of the temple roof:

The outside of the temple at night

A top view of the temple roof

Miranda also built a fire pit near the temple:

Fire pit outside the temple

Don't fall in!

I’d been curious about how mine carts work, so I did some track building, with Jonathan and David Sahlin doing much of the work. Definitely an educational experience, it pointed at some ways in which my naive ideas for track building on my main world won’t work, and I clearly need to look into boosters. (Incidentally, for people who were complaining about lag: apparently circular boosters can cause lag in multiplayer servers, so that might have been what was going on. I’ll replace them with something else the next time we play.)

Near the start of the minecart tracks

Looking back along the minecart tracks

Looking back along the second segment of minecart tracks

The sheep approve of the boosters, too

The tracks end near the temple

Minecarts litter the ground

At some point, Jonathan commented that it had been a few sessions since he’d done something evil; the next thing I knew, he was giving himself lots of fire, and we had a lot fewer trees growing nearby than had been the case.

Trees on fire

A closeup view of one of the many conflagrations

The arsonist in action

He then gave himself a bunch of arrows, and started work on a huge tower, looming over (threatening?) the temple. I’m still not sure what he intended do do there, and eventually he demolished it, but I got some pictures in the mean time.

Jonathan starting work on the tower

The top of the tower, in process of deconstruction

Towards the end of the session, Miranda and Roger built a dirt house near the temple. I also took a picture of a pool at some point around here; I’m not sure of the context, but I like it, so I’ll throw it in.

Outside of dirt house

Inside of dirt house


Another first-time participant was Pat Holleman. He helped with a lot of this, but then he went off and built some sort of super tree structure. (I forget the term he used: basically, you use wood blocks to build a huge trunk, and then plant trees high up along it.) Here are some pictures:

Super tree from a distance

Inside the trunk of the super tree

One of the platforms on the outside of the super tree

A great time; we do this about once a month (though with the GDC interruption, the next session might not be until the first half of April), anybody is welcome to join us!

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