VGHVI Minecraft: May 26, 2011

May 28 2011

I wasn’t as good as I sometimes am in taking pictures during the May VGHVI Minecraft session, but here are a few:

Pat continued work on the underwater tunnel; we still have quite a ways to go to cross the ocean, and the part of the ocean where we were working now was rather deep. So he had to do a lot of diving; I helped some with the glass placement. It didn’t help that the ocean above it was frozen over; eventually he placed some burning netherrack to melt the ice, so we didn’t suffocate while diving.

Towards the start of the ocean tunnel

The current end of construction; the hills outside are the ocean floor

Burning netherrack to melt the ice

Eric had been working on a secret project in the last session, as it turned out, and he finished it this time: a Skull Mountain, complete with lava flowing down from the eyes.

Skull Mountain

The base of the mountain, complete with burning sheep

There was a rather nice cavern inside, with a pool at the bottom.

Inside the bottom of the skull

Inside the top of the skull

I’m still not sure exactly where the skull is in relation to the rest of our landmarks. I started wandering back, and came across a cavern with a huge waterfall that somebody had clearly explored before, but I ended up just teleporting myself back.

A huge waterfall in a cavern

Miranda and Roger had been working on the area near the temple: Roger had been carving out land (for an acropolis, if I’m remembering correctly), and Miranda put up some rather nice lamps there.

Lamps outside the temple

Miranda working on a lamp

Temple and lamps during the day

Somebody added a bed to the altar

Miranda also finished off the train station, adding a rather nice roof with skylight.

Inside the train station

The roof of the train station

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