VGHVI Minecraft: October 27, 2011

Nov 11 2011

During the October VGHVI Minecraft session, I was still mostly flying around, but other people did a better job of getting back to work. The theme this time seemed to be building stuff in the middle of the sky, though I do have a couple of pictures of a house on the ground that, presumably, Miranda built. (The second picture certainly strongly suggests that!)

A house in the rain

The green room

Pat kicked off the aerial construction with a castle that he built on the temple outskirts:

Flying castle under construction in the rain

Castle in the sky

Next, Pat started work on a mandala on another edge of the temple area:

At first, I thought it was a target!

Closer view of the beginning of the mandala

The mandala has another layer now

Miranda got into the “build stuff in the sky” theme at this point, working on a sign saying “The City”.

The City sign takes shape

Adding a backdrop to the city sign

It's double-sided, here's the view from the other direction

Now it lights up at night

The city sign at sunrise

I took that as an invitation to do an Arthur C. Clarke homage, and build a “The Stars” sign. For better or for worse, though, I didn’t light it up, which meant that, when the stars were out, you couldn’t actually see the sign. Hmm.

The stars at night

During the day, no actual stars

As dawn approaches, stars and stars

As Miranda and I were working on those, Pat finished his mandala:

Starting work on a ring around the mandala

The mandala ring is mostly finished

Side view of mandala and moon

The completed mandala!

The mandala at nightfall

It was a little bit of a strange session for me: in the two sessions since 1.8 hit, I’ve been finding it difficult to come up with building projects. I’m not sure how much of that is the disconnect from the ground that flying gives you, how much is creative mode, how much is ennui, and how much is the luck of the draw.

The last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving, so we’re pushing the schedule back a week, and the next VGHVI Minecraft night will be December 1st.

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