VGHVI Minecraft: December 1, 2011

Dec 04 2011

Pictures from this month’s Minecraft session (which really is the November one, we just pushed it back a week).

As has been the case in recent sessions, I mostly spent the time flying around, seeing what the new terrain is like. But first, some miscellaneous pictures:

Cow on the beach at night

Digging through to the nether roof

Lava arrow

I think that lava arrow is natural rather than constructed, but it actually does a pretty good job of pointing back at the portal.

Roger found a nice cliffside with jack o’lanterns:

Faces on the pumpkins

Better view of the waterfall

And Mattie was amused by the chicken that had wandered into a cave that Jonathan had explosively excavated several months back:

Chicken in cave

Looking up from the bottom of the cave

Now a bunch of pictures from my wandering. There were some quite sudden chunk transitions as old rendering algorithms and new rendering algorithms clashed, here’s one of my favorites:

Cliff glitch

Side view of cliff glitch

This was the first time I’d seen swamps, I think, and they’re rather lovely.

A swamp

Swamp at nightfall

Moon rising over swamp

Some more random pictures from the wandering:

Lava in a cave trench

I just took this one because of the message on screen

Sunrise way up high in the sky

A village I ran into

Now, back to glitches: here’s one that led to a cave being connected directly to the ocean.

Inside the cave

Closeup view of the water

View into the cave from the outside

And more glitches, include a rather charming old-fashioned floating island, followed by some non-glitch environmental pictures:

Square island corner

Cows next to glitch cliff

Floating ark

Island in mist

Strange moon

I’m still mostly blocked on construction projects, but when I found that swamp area again, I thought I’d make a little house in it. Miranda made fun of the small size of the house, but I think it’s kind of cute; I’ll have to come back again during the day to see how well it fits into the surroundings.

Green patch in the swamp

Swamp house

Looking out from the house

The house is lit up

As is usual, however, Patrick and Miranda were not at all blocked on construction! They decided to build a rather amazing Ice Palace on top of the ocean ice near the spawn point, right above the underwater train tunnel.

My first view of the ice palace

A decoration on top

There's a chicken coop in the back; here's the top view

And here's the side view

When I came back in the day, I found that the palace had turned into a meditation on the nature of captivity:

Distant view during the day

Closer view during the day

Imprisoned snowman

Please, let me out!

The chickens are happy with their prison, however

The middle of the palace, including a squid swimming between the palace and the tracks

When I came back the next night, Miranda had decided to expand the imprisonment theme with some pigs (with the flames from the spawners adding to the gruesomeness!); first, though, some pictures of other additions:

View of the front at night

A tree grows in the middle of the palace

Building a pigpen

Roast pork!

Side view of pigs

Eggs to go with the bacon

(I’m not sure that Miranda has the same interpretation of the imprisonment theme as I do; she’ll doubtless chime in below. I think it works rather well, though.) And some last pictures as dawn breaks:

Sunrise over the palace

Sun and the palace tree

Shapes in the distance

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  1. What is a zoo? After all, if it’s called imprisonment when I put animals in a cage in Minecraft, why is it fine to do this in real life? Sure, the cages are made to look like their natural environment, but they’re tiny!

  2. Well, zoos are actually not my favorite places. But, to me, the snowmen in Minecraft don’t feel like animals. While I have no problem with caging the chickens; the pigs are an interesting case in the middle.

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