VGHVI Minecraft: October 25, 2012

Nov 18 2012

Pictures from the October Minecraft session:

I mostly wandered around. I started off with a few pictures of the center of town:

I don’t think this picture was on the side of the tower the last time I looked?

The edge of the city at sunset.

And then, when wandering over to see what Miranda was doing, I noticed lava flowing down the side of a mountain, and decided to strike out to the west. (Or at least what I think of as west, before sunrise/sunset got moved 90 degrees.)

Lava flowing down a mountain. Or at least a hill.

The snow on this tree makes it look like a face

Misty forest at sunrise

Valley between cliffs

Mushroom island

The only person I saw doing any building was Miranda, who was finishing off the wood temple she started last month. It’s done now, and looks rather lovely:

Starting the evening’s work on the temple

Looking into the birch room of the temple

Inside the birch room

The birch room from above

Looking into the jungle wood room

Inside the jungle wood room

A reminder of what last month’s pine room looked like

The central room

Finishing off the temple roof

The temple roof at night

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