VGHVI Minecraft: December 2016

Jan 09 2017

Pictures from the December Minecraft session. (This server has now been in existence for more than six years!)

A pool of lava in the snow

Still one of my favorite terrain generation algorithm change mismatches

Looking down at the podded building at night

A view across the water to the tower at night

I think this was a natural passage, not one I built?

When I exited the door, I looked right and saw this sign, and had completely forgotten what was so inappropriate about this door

Then I saw the other sign and I remembered: there had been some cliff-dwelling cows here

Pat finished off the floating island he’d been building in October and November, adding a restaurant:

The restaurant entrance

Inside the restaurant

Here’s what those tables look like from the side

The entrance to the kitchen

Inside the kitchen

The view across the roofs. (That’s the kitchen in front)

Looking down at daytime

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