VGHVI Minecraft: June 29, 2017

Jul 19 2017

For the June Minecraft session, I started off working on the house I’d begun in May. I was happy with the location, but I didn’t know how the back and side walls would work, and I hadn’t finished off details at all.

I’d ended May experimenting with adding colored columns; so I started off June finishing the columns. And then I moved on to the back and side walls, in ways that gave me access to the garden in the back and the chasm in the middle.

I settled on a darker grey for the color of the columns

Here’s the back wall and the back door, with smaller windows next to it

For the side door, a wider opening fit better

A view out the back at the trees

A different angle at the back, with more sky visible

With the walls and doors in place, I wanted to tackle the ceiling and floors next.

I had two ideas of possible wood colors for the ceiling

Looking at it on the inside, I like both colors, but I think the light color looks a little better; also, the ceiling is a little low?

Maybe move the ceiling up and leave in the dark as a support beam?

That fits together a lot better

It looks a little funny on the outside, especially since I’m tentatively thinking that I’ll add a second story: I’m not sure a light band fits on the outside

Let’s have the support beams go through to the wall but leave the floor inside the building

Light up the room a bit

Let’s use the same light wood for the floor

Here’s the other side of the room

Now the room felt good as a room. The doors seemed a bit plain, though, so I wanted to mark them off more:

Here’s my first experiment: I liked the red, but something didn’t seem quite right

The second experiment was worse

Ugh, this one didn’t work at all

Good color and texture

Here it is on the other door

Looks good from the outside, too

And it looks good through the trees

Here’s some placeholder carpet on the floor, though I’ll replace it with furniture next month

A random view down the middle; one future question is how I’ll build that up

Here’s a waterfall in the middle

A view from the distance; I do think the mountain looks better with the building on top than it did without it

I was pretty happy with that session’s work: I’d gone from sketched out walls to a first floor that fit well. But there’s still a lot to do:

  • Add in furniture
  • Add at least one more floor
  • Think about the garden
  • Think about the chasm in the middle of the mountain
  • Maybe put in some rails to connect it to the main city

So I’ll probably be working on this for most of the rest of 2017.


Miranda was starting construction on an island, making a building with a Howl’s Moving Castle / Baba Yaga vibe.

A full view of the current state of building

A mushroom cow sitting under the building

A whole mushroom cow family

A box

There’s something inside the box!

And then I went to check on Pat.

He’d started his next building, but hadn’t gotten very far

The finished attic from his previous building

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