VGHVI Minecraft: July 27, 2017

Aug 19 2017

In the July Minecraft session, I wanted to continue working on the building from June. I had one floor of an L-shaped building, unfurnished except for a placeholder carpet; so the current questions were how I wanted to furnish it, and how to add a second story.

In one half of the room, I put a dining table

I don’t really see a good place for some stairs, though

The view up top

I didn’t see any place where stairs would really fit. So I decided to go with a sort of military theme, with a sort of watchpost on top instead of a full second floor, and with an idea that maybe a ladder would make more sense in that situation? (Because, of course, it’s really easy to carry armor and weapons up a ladder?)

Notches around the roof edge; conveniently, all the sides were of an odd length

Trying to figure out if I want the corner notches to match the corner pillars or the other notches; dark was clearly better

Placing an arch, at sunset

I extended that into an entire covered area; it looks a little odd with only pillars at the corners, though

The balance is better with a pillar in the middle

Here’s what it looks like from the roof

Adding a second one for the other half of the roof

Here’s what it looks like from farther away

So now the building is pretty much in place; I needed to add more military decorations up top, and fill out the other half of the downstairs.

Here’s some armor

Anvils and a chest for supplies / repairs

A first stab at the other half upstairs

Putting in a ladder

The top of the ladder

Making a research area downstairs

Here’s the view towards the table

A compressed red carpet under the chest

Adding in a record player

A stack of records next to it

A broader view of downstairs

The magic table fit better downstairs than upstairs, so let’s put a furnace upstairs instead

There’s some snow nearby on the mountains, so let’s add some on the building, too

Some more snow

Snow on the rooftops

The building with snow

That was a good stopping point for the building; the questions for next time are what to do with the garden on the back, and what about the chasm in the middle.

Here’s the garden and the house

There’s water behind the garden

Here’s the view of the house over the chasm

A nighttime view

Setting sun

Further away at night

Next I went to visit Dan; he’d built a modern art museum

The museum

Blue and green works

Green and white

A closer view of the white statue

Blue and purple

A top view of the blue statue

A view from higher up

Trees nearby

A view from a little farther away

There’s a tower further away; you can barely see the museum

Pat was adding another building to his floating city, a sort of sandstone and clay building with a large courtyard.

Inside the courtyard

A higher up view

A room around the edge

Looking into the middle of the courtyard

Looking up at the roof

The current state of the entire city

And Miranda was taking another swing at the Howl’s Moving Castle-inspired building. (It’s on a pretty small island, so it’s a little abstract.)

A mushroom island nearby

The back of the castle

The front of the castle. (Still in progress)

A side view

Looking at octopi through some reeds

Looking at the castle from the mushroom island

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