VGHVI Minecraft: December 21, 2017

Jan 14 2018

The November Minecraft session didn’t work out because of computer problems; here are pictures for the December session.


At the end of October, I’d finished the path down the mountain that I’d been working on. The end of that path is at a passage through the mountain; I had a vague idea that there would be some sort of commercial space around there and/or the exit, with a train station somewhere near the outside exit of the passage. So I wandered around for a while trying to figure out the details: what did I expect the passage to look like, and where exactly would the train go?

Here’s the view approaching the mountain; the passage exit is the hole that’s behind a tree in the middle.

Here’s the lowest ledge on the path down the valley in the middle of the mountain, above the final descent into the passage through the mountain. It’s more plain than I’d like, but I decided not to decorate it right now.

Here’s the inside end of the passage, leading to the path.

Here’s the view further down, this is pretty much the whole length of the passage.

The view to the outside from the end of the passage.

Trying to figure out where the train station should go; I’m thinking I’ll put it on one of the three areas where the stone is visible.

Kind of thinking this is the right place.

I eventually decided I thought that the leftmost of the spaces with visible stone was best: it’s a little far away from the entrance, but that will give me an excuse to build a path and/or building connecting the two. Also, there’s quite a bit of space in the mountain above it, and the hollow there doesn’t look all that great; so I can use the train station to fill in the bottom half and I can build something else above the station for the top half.


Before working on that, though, I wanted to clean out the passage: I didn’t necessarily know what I wanted to build in there, but it didn’t feel like part of a livable complex.

Here’s the outside end; a little narrow, also not sure what I think about the change in level.

Here’s the view from the outside; too steep a climb.

Starting to attack the raised entrance by leveling the floor out.

Now it’s wider with more regular walls.

This niche is still a little messy, not sure what I want to do with that.

Here’s the in the other direction, from the stairs.

Still too tall; I need to figure out what I’ll do about that.

The problem with leveling out the floor is that the water is at floor level; adding a fence to create a boundary.

Another angle on that scene.


After that was a little under control, I decided to work on the train station. Specifically, I wanted to get the floor plan in place: that would fix the stone gap in the ground, and that would tell me where the walls go.

Here’s a random picture of the sky that I took around the point.

I want to put a train station in here; two tracks? Three tracks? How much space between them?

Let’s go with three tracks; one side is wrong, though, and the switches are too clumped.

This looks better.


That’s what I did; Miranda was mostly gathering a flock of parrots.

Giving orders to her parrot followers.

Flying along with the parrots.

Playing music for her parrots.


Dan built some more buildings near a gallery he’d built a few months back:

Floating structures with horizontal bands of color.

Here’s the view over the structures to the art gallery.

The view in the other direction.

Then Dan decided that the next step was going to involve digging down instead of up. Which takes a while, so he decided to help things along with TNT.

Setting up the TNT.

It’s about to go off.


The view after the dust settles.

Preparing to go down another layer.

Looking at the bottom after the next explosion.

Too much water, let’s dam it off.

After the dam is in place.


Finally, pictures from Pat. First, the last building he finished:

Tables, chairs, and windows.

The view at the back of the room.

Bookshelves and armor.

The garden behind the building.

The view from above.

And then some work on platforms that turn into little gardens:

Working on a new platform.

A pool with a tree, chairs, and flowers.

A garden with chairs behind a building.

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