VGHVI Minecraft: January 25, 2018

Feb 10 2018

For the first Minecraft session of 2018, I worked on the train station that I’d started in December.

Here’s where I’d left off; I’m going to build a train station over where I have the tracks, and then probably fill in the indentation above with two more floors of buildings.

Here’s a higher angle; the walls look like they should go where the grass currently is, just past the stone.

One more row of stone. (Not that anybody will be able to see it once I’ve built the walls…)

The right side wall, with a larger door that will connect to the rest of the complex.

The left side wall, with a smaller, outside door.

The view between the walls, where the tracks will extend.

Putting a front facade in place.

The side view after adding the facade.

That gave me the basic outline for the train station. I was planning to extend the sloped part of the roof most of the way back, stopping where I reached the depth of the non-indented part of the mountain walls. And I didn’t have it slope all the way to the middle of the roof, because I wanted to do something a little different in the middle, working in glass somehow.


Looking at those doors, though, the light wood above them didn’t seem quite right. So I decided to look at the doors on the building on top of the mountain, for comparison.

One of the doors on the top of the mountain; I like this red brick as an accent.

The other door up top.

Red brick looks better here.

But lighting is important, otherwise the brick won’t have the proper glow.

The current state of the structure.

After fixing that, I started work on the roof.

Extending the roof out from the facade.

A close up view of the roof.

The view on the inside, leaving room for something else in the middle.

The front is pretty plain, hopefully it’ll look better once I’ve aded something else in the middle?

Here it is with glass at the top.


This idea I had of glass at the top didn’t magically fix anything; the front, in particular, looked pretty boring. So I decided to spend some time trying to improve that.

First I tried banners; I didn’t really like either the shape of the banners or the shade of the red ones, though.

Next was pairing the red brick from above the doors with some of the grey wool that I’d also used as an accent up top; but that grey stripe didn’t work for me.

Removing the grey stripe wasn’t any better, though: balance was missing.

This is starting to get somewhere: use the grey as an accent, and have a bit more space above the red?

Two strips of grey works well, too. But do I really only want one row of glass?

Filling in the gaps between the grey with glass.

That seemed at least potentially workable, so I went to cap it off to see how it would work as part of a complete roof.

Capping off the glass with a stone top.

The view from the inside; I like how the glass band works along the sides.

A bit of light always helps, though.

That seemed good enough; now to put in the finishing touches. First, filling in the gap in the mountain wall so I’d have a place for the second story.

Building up the mountain exterior straight up from where I’d ended the roof.

Here’s the inside view; pretty narrow, my guess is that I’ll want to dig into the mountain some?

Adding a little more definition to the entrance.

So that’s the train station; I’m not completely in love with it, but I think it’s okay? The next steps, in whatever order, are:

  • Installing the train tracks to connect the station with the main city.
  • Putting rooms above the train station in the side of the mountain.
  • Creating some buildings that connect the train station to the exit of the passage through the mountain.


Next I went to check on other people. Pat didn’t have anything that he wanted to show, but Dan and Miranda had both made some progress.

Roger’s cathedral is along the planned path for the train tracks back from my mountain to the main city; sadly, I don’t think it will ever get finished…

Dan’s art gallery area.

His area is actually pretty close to the city; now that I know where it is, I can just travel there instead of teleporting.

This flower thing is new; it’s built on top of where he was excavating with TNT last month.

A top down view of the flower.

The stem goes down quite far; he’d excavated a lot!

The base of the flower.

Looking up from the base.

A closer look at the terrain nearby.

Zooming back out a bit.

And Miranda had built a lovely little floating island:

Miranda with her parrots.

A floating island with a bottom of colored glass.

A top-down view of the floating building.

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