VGHVI Minecraft: June 28, 2018

Jul 08 2018

In the June Minecraft session, I wanted to continue building floors up above the train station, continuing the work from May.

A light in the forest that I saw when traveling back.

A side exit from the third floor.

Looking out the third floor window.

Where exactly do I want the next floors to be?

Looking around the top of the mountain.

Before, I’d built a second floor (basically looking out through the top of the train station) and a third floor (the window visible in the fourth picture above). The third floor has a side exit which, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to connect anywhere particularly productive: there’s really not a way to make a path going up the mountain from it, and there’s what looks like it could be a mountain entrance behind it, but it ends almost immediately.

Going up the mountain is more promising, though: near the top, there’s an existing opening into the mountain. So I should try to add more floors going up such that one of them naturally comes out into that area; and also maybe I can make a path from there to the building that’s already on the top of the mountain?


So I decided to start by building a fourth floor that’s the same height up from the third as the third is from the second, and see where that leaves me.

Digging out the fourth floor.

Fourth floor window from the outside.

Putting some glass in place.

Looking at the outside view, it starts to become clearer. There’s a lump of mountain blocks on the right side (looking from the outside) that make a bit of a mess, so I’ll want to clean that out to have an even wall. And the fourth floor is a little uncomfortably far from the hole at the top, so I need to figure out what to do about that.


I decided to embrace the extra space between the fourth floor and the hole at the top: that hole actually sticks out a bit, so I can think of it as a balcony, and so having a couple of blocks of floor sticking out beneath it makes sense, which will take up some of the space. But even so the amount of space is a little large, and actually there’s a little more space between the third and fourth floors than I’d like: so I think a three-high window would provide more balance than the two-high windows I’d been using.

Here’s the view with the front leveled out and with a three-high third-floor window, that does look better.

What the three-high window looks like from the inside. (I think this is the fourth floor?)

Outside view with the third and fourth floor windows and surroundings in a good state.

A strange strip of light at the top of the train station; apparently light can shine through half-height blocks?

After that, the spacing looked good: two spaces above the fourth floor and then two spaces of balcony floor left a good balance.


Digging out the fifth floor, reaching the balcony.

Making the balcony width match the other floors.

The balcony sides are asymmetric, I’ll need to clean that up.

Cutting back the right side and adding in a railing.

Let’s use stone brick for the floor here instead of wood.

So now I’m almost done with the area above the train station. I’ll need to clean up the balcony level a little more, probably; I’ll probably want to provide access from it somehow to the building at the top; I might want to something out of that little green exterior area on the third floor; and I might add some interior furnishings. But basically that phase of the construction is done, I’ll want to figure out which part of the mountain to build out next.


No pictures this time of other people’s work: there wasn’t as much other building going on as normal. (Pat in particular couldn’t be there.)

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