Tai Chi Notes, May 7, 2019

May 07 2019

One thing I was thinking about following up on the Qigong special class last week: she mentioned breathing through the hollows in your body. And, when I’m meditating, I actually do feel something in time with my breathing in the palms of my head, a sensation that could reasonably described as breathing through my palms. Makes me curious what the mechanism is there; and, as the meditation goes on, sensation starts spreading up my arms, like something is coming in through my palms and going up. Interesting feeling, at any rate.

On Saturday, we spent extra time on Kick with Two Feet Up: turns out that lots of us aren’t doing it right, either not swinging our arms over from behind or not hitting our leg / foot before we land. Something to work on!

On Sunday, I tried doing my Lotus Wu Ji before my Tai Chi instead of after; a lot easier, felt just like a weekday, so I guess the reason why I’ve found it hard in the past is because I was tired. The main thing I noticed during my Tai Chi practice on Sunday was that I’ve gotten sloppy again on the weight transfer in Six Sealing Four Closing, I should make sure to transfer weight solidly to my right foot.

This morning I was rereading the section on Wu Ji in Mitchell’s book, and the pictures there were more upright than I think I’m being when I look at myself in the mirror when practicing in my bedroom on Sundays. So I tried not leaning my torso as much, and it was a lot easier. I also accidentally noticed most of the way through that my center of gravity was higher then normal; I’m pretty sure that also helped making it easier, and that was a mistake. But I think the leaning less that I was doing today was probably correct? Hopefully I’ll learn more at the seminar next week…


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