VGHVI Minecraft: September 26, 2019

Oct 20 2019

In the August Minecraft session, I’d started building a lighthouse behind the mountain that I’ve been working on; so I spent the September session finishing it off.

I have the basic interior structure in place, I just need to complete the execution.

Now the inside is complete.

I need to put something on top, though.


To be a lighthouse, it needs lights on top, though! Which raises two questions: 1) What will the top floor look like?, and 2) What will the lights look like? I thought for a bit about doing some sort of redstone thing, but I didn’t think that was going to work out well, so I decided to go with fixed lights. And I decided to go for a wider top than the rest of the floors: Minecraft doesn’t have very bright lights, so I wanted a good number of them, and I’d also need a bit of space to walk around.

I still needed to work out the details of the lights, so I tried a few experiments.

Experiment 1: fill the windows with lanterns.

Experiment 2: use a single row of glowstone.

Experiment 3: make the window taller, and have both lanterns and glowstone.


Ultimately I decided I liked the first experiment the most, so I went with it, just adding in some glowstone accents. Also, once that top floor was in place, it meant that the lower floors no longer got light, so I needed to deal with that.

Going back to lanterns, but sticking in some glowstone accents beneath.

The center is too dark, OSHA would not approve at all.

I added some windows and torches to the interior floors.

A first look at the windows from the outside.

The top of the building was a little boring, so I added a smaller layer on top.

Here’s how the windows interact with the stairs.

A further out view.

Here’s what it looks like during daytime.

Here’s the view from the seating area at the back of the forest up top.

Here’s the view of the side of the mountain on the lighthouse side; I think in October I’ll spend some time providing a way to get from the top of the mountain down to the bottom?

I should be able to do something with this cave, in particular.

And here’s the view all the way across the top of the mountain.


Next, I checked on Dan’s underground structure.

He’s added in a door at the back and something that’s making lots of smoke.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Here’s what the path looks like at ground level.

The path continues through the door into darkness.

Here’s the view from the dark area back into that room.


And, finally, Ariel had started work on a U-shaped building. (Or maybe continued work? It might have been an abandoned frame of a building from a few years back.)

The shell of the building is taking shape.

One of our neighbors has stopped by to visit.

There’s a sunken pond between the arms of the building.

Here’s what it looks like from water level; that’s pretty far down, it turns out.

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